Vmax Group is having its core business in retail information systems and in the data collection industry, specifically the point-of-sale system (POS), all in one terminal and barcode products market.

Our core teams were incorporated in 2010, through the concerted effort of a team of experienced personnel. We are not only an enterprise hardware supplier but also a business intelligence solutions provider based in china.

Our R&D teams offer more than 20 years’ experience in R&D for electronic products, including electronic cash registers(ECRs),  point-of-sale systems (POS), all in one terminal / kiosks, and Data Collection products including barcode scanners handheld devices.

Our Resources

Our experts have combined experience of total of over 10 years in the area of all in one industrial machine, LCD display products and AIDC (Auto Identification And Data Collection) with our expertise, the customer is always assured that we understand their requirements well and that we will take pains to ensure the success of every project that we embark on.

Our Expertise

The full commitment and determination to gain leadership in smart POS solutions market has resulted in a strong expertise and support infrastructure, and a very positive market acceptance and appreciation.

Our Commitment

We always emphasize on customer service as our priority. The management team has always striven to ensure that most appropriate integration being proposed to all clients are cost-effective and in line with modern methodology without sacrificing high quality standard. We are seeking a win-win situation all the times.


More than 200 high-quality supply chain resources
Helped global customers complete more than 300 projects

3 million +

Sales of various products amount to 4 million pcs per year

2 million +

Per year R&D investment

Engineer team and developers
More than 20 years of professional R&D experience


2009 - Foundation

The 1st generation of POS launched, VMAX’s first step towards industrial terminal market.

2010-2015 - Growth

Products received well all over the world which resulted in strategic cooperation with many well-known brands. Also VMAX entered enters AIDC sector providing R&D for design of barcode scanners.

2016-2019 - Development

Continuously enriching products, providing a wider range of all in one terminals and AIDC(Auto Identification And Data Collection) products for logistics, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other market sectors.

2020 -2021 - Expansion

Despite the impact of the pandemic and the global economic downturn, VMAX continued to increase R&D investment, provide intelligent technology solutions to customers around the world.

2022 – Growth

VMAX enters European market, forming VMAX POS Limited providing a Distribution and Support facilities based in the United Kingdom.