Create aProduct With VMAX

Application Specific Design Experts

VMAX products are used in hotel, hospitality, retail, stadia, medical, and commercial areas. We have built a strong library of design know how for each application.

Industrial Design

All of our products are developed and produced independently, so our own factory can easily adapt processes to meet various design requirements.

Algorithm Design

Assist the customer in completing Auto ID solutions, including barcode decoding and encryption algorithm customisation.

Strong Engineering Support

Our R & D team uses cutting-edge technology to cover everything from mechanical to electrical engineering, software and firmware for Windows, Android and iOS.

Dedicated Team

VMAX assigns a project manager and a team of engineers to each project to ensure effective communication.

After Sales Service

Sales and project teams will continue to monitor significant updates. VMAX provide hight-quality products and a complete after-sales service.

Customisation Process


Understanding Requirements

– Communicating product use scenarios

– Key features/specs needed


– NDA if needed



– Vmax taskforce to brainstorm internally

– Provide initial proposal & ID

– Budgetary quote


Product Design

– ID approval

– Project team formed (PM, EE, ME, DQA)

– Product reliability simulation


Prototyping & Testing

– Mockup sample testing & reviewing​

– Sample running in factory facility



– T1 or T2 samples approval from customer

– Mass production


After Sales Service

– Customer service

– RMA services & training

Optimal Solution Provider
Why VMAX is the perfect choice?

VMAX’s leading tech solutions can be found in a variety of locations, including retail stores , restaurant chains, pubs, bars and clubs, hotels, stadia and beyond, enhancing engagement, delivering information, and simply making lives easier. We can support you in any sector.

Quick & Professional Response

When dealing with VMAX, you never are worried. Every stage of our process, from pre-sales work through on-site maintenance, includes the greatest technical support in the business. Our professional and friendly team will work with you to determine service levels and expectations so you always know where you stand.

Based On Strong R&D Team Support

VMAX provides best-in-class hardware that is specifically designed to suit all transaction, automation, user experience, and point-of-sale requirements.
This lineup is backed by a dedicated staff of qualified consultants that can support your integrate our technology into your requirements.

Maximise Customer Satisfaction

All of our products, services, and people are built with a core commitment to quality in mind. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to provide the best possible service and maximise customer satisfaction.

Take Partner Success As Our Goal

Our key values include customer service, manufacturing expertise, quality design, and cost effectiveness, these values continue to redefine excellence in our products and services, with the ultimate goal of giving peace-of-mind to our customers across the globe.

Committed To Long-Term Partnership

We are professionals, problem solvers, and providers of the optimal solution. having a great reputation of quality, creativity, and adaptability. That's why worldwide brands put their faith for us.

We Try Our Best To Help You With Difficulties

We provide you with a full solution from beginning to end. Consulting, planning, project management, hardware, software, installation, support and more services. We have thought of everything.

Customer Testimonials

But don’t take our word for it!
Take our many satisfied customers’ word for it!

Successful Cases


Smart Retail Solution

Build relationships, create memorable experiences and connnect with shoppers


Smart Hospitality Solutions

Improve visibility into patient information


Smart Stadia Solutions

The right technology is helping manufacturers succeed


Smart Cashless Solutions

Smooth out the wrinkles in your logistics operation


Smart Kiosk Solutions

Create the perfect
Self-service experience.


Smart Payment Solutions

Whether you serve your guests in a full-service restaurant, by the pool or in a stadium seat, wireless ordering and point of sale (pos) solutions can increase your sales